Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a regional online marketplace?

Shop Local SA enables local businesses to sell online to their local community and beyond. It enables local residents to support local businesses with convenient 24/7 online access.

Our easy to use platform removes the technology barrier to get you selling online - all the hard work is done for you. Just bring your products and your payment options and start making sales.

And, it's about marketing power and leverage.

By pooling resources Shop Local SA provides greater reach and more sales opportunities than would otherwise be possible for smaller vendors on their own.

Shop Local SA is owned and run by local South Australians who care deeply about the sustainability of our regions.

Why should I sell via the marketplace if I have my own online store?

Your online store is still essential - it’s yours, just like your own bricks and mortar shop front you need a “front door” for customers.

However, just like your own bricks and mortar store, to move product you need other distribution channels.

Shop Local SA provides an alternative distribution channel, much like a supermarket or farmer’s market - you benefit from
more customers in one place, with all the infrastructure taken care of for you.

You’ll have access to marketing campaigns at a larger scale, with more reach than is typically available for single vendors.

What type of businesses can list on Shop Local SA?

To list on a Shop Local SA store your business needs to be physically located in the region.

This is to keep the site’s authenticity and protect the local businesses supporting the platform.

You also need to sell physical product – this can include gift vouchers if you're a service based business.

How do orders get consolidated/delivered if customers order from more than one vendor?

Customers will have the option of collecting their order from your store, or select your existing delivery options during checkout.

More delivery options are coming soon.

What ongoing support is available for vendors?

We offer a range of additional marketing and store management support packages to help you make the most of your store.

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